Annonce Acquisition Opticom

To all customers,

I am excited to announce an important update regarding the future and growth of Vocalys.

On June 30, 2023, Vocalys acquired Télécommunication Opticom, thereby integrating all operations of this organization which boasts over 25 years of expertise in the telecommunications field. Since September 30, all operations, billing, and services of Télécommunication Opticom have been supported by Vocalys.

This acquisition is a strategic move that underscores Vocalys' commitment to always provide you with the best business telecommunications solutions in the market. By combining the strengths of Opticom with ours, Vocalys enhances the customer experience with a team that is always available to assist you.

In this sense, Vocalys is pleased to inform you that M.r Yves Boisvert and M.r André Philibert, the founding owners of Télécommunication Opticom, have officially joined our team. Their expertise and deep knowledge of the field will undoubtedly be invaluable assets to serve you better.

In summary, this acquisition enables us to offer you additional technical and human resources, enhancing the value of the services provided.

Vocalys is committed to ensuring this transition is smooth and positive for al. Our team remains at your disposal to answer any questions and provide the necessary intormation.

With my warmest regards,

Company team

Alexandre Rudolph

Owner and founder